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Knight’s Blend is a premium Panama grown-90 rated coffee that directly contributes ALL net proceeds to support humanitarian, charitable Christian outreach, and Christian historical preservation efforts worldwide.


Christian Outreach

Knight’s Bend supports Christian charities and bona fide efforts that help disadvantaged Christians and communities worldwide. We do this by contributing financially to servicing organizations that provide the needy and the poor with security, clean water, sanitation, nutrition, clothing, health and medical support, electrification, and education. Your coffee purchases directly support actions that address these critical needs.


Raymond Davis Templar Foundation

The General Raymond G. Davis Templar Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 recognized Charity whose primary outreach is helping Christians at risk in the Holy Land and providing scholarships to students for education in the Holy Land. 


Knight’s Antiquity Historical Society

Knight’s Antiquity Historical Society (KAHS) is a non-profit 501(c)3 Charity that recognizes that history and religion affects today’s cultures, societies, and governments. Historically and currently there exists distrust, discontent, persecution and strife among and between the three world’s great religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and the culture and societies built around them. Believing the greatest defense to and cure for bias, prejudice, fear and misunderstandings among religions, cultures and societies is the dissemination of history and knowledge, the extinguishment of myths, and the promotion of truth, KAHS has dedicated its efforts to support relevant archaeological excavations and biblical site preservations in the Holy Land.

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Christian Charities Benefited

Guatemala Outreach

Raymond Davis Templar Foundation

Knights Antiquity Historical Society